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Battery for ASUS X52JK

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:55 am    Post subject: Battery for ASUS X52JK Reply with quote

Currently, a wireless charging station will cost roughly 25 percent more than a regular charger. A 25 percent premium also applies to the receiver. If the portable device cannot be charged with the Battery for ASUS X8C installed, as is possible with a mobile phone, then each battery would need its own receiver and the battery pack would bear the added cost. Unless wireless charging is necessary for convenience or environmental reasons, charging through Battery for ASUS X5I contact continues to be a practical alternative.Can I charge cellular phones, laptops or power tools with solar power or a wind turbine? Absolutely. This is an exciting way to step outside our four walls and use renewable energy. The sun provides peak energy of about 1,000 watts per square meter (93W/sq.ft.). From that source, a solar panel will generate roughly 130W/m2 (12W/sq.ft.). Photovoltaic systems are 10 to 20 percent efficient.
A solar cell produces an open circuit voltage of 0.5–0.65V. Like batteries, solar cells can be connected in series and parallel to achieve higher voltages and load currents (Reference: Series and Parallel Battery Connections article).Battery for ASUS X52N

Solar energy can be expensive. It costs $8 to $10 in materials to generate one watt. Producing 50W from solar panels to operate a laptop continuously, or charge a 50Wh Battery for ASUS X52JR in two hours will cost $400 to $500. A system to charge a larger 12V, 150Wh, lead acid battery for a cottage will cost between $1,200 and $1,500. Arguably, you can use smaller solar panels and charge the battery longer. This, however, may not be enough to keep your laptop and other appliances running all day. For example, a 20-watt solar Battery for ASUS X52JK costs between $200 and $250 and the output on an overcast day may not be sufficient for continuous operation.In addition to the solar panels, you also need an inverter and charge controller. It’s best to get a combined unit and most charge 12-volt lead acid batteries. An advanced charge controller takes any energy, even if very low, and converts it by boosting and decreasing the voltage to the desired level. The advanced controller also prevents overloading the source if the output is weak. A device that offers the three functions of boosting and lowering of voltage, as well as adjusting the load to the best power factor is complex and would be out of price-range for casual users. Most commercial charger controllers require a high enough voltage to allow down-regulation. Boosting and adjusting to the power bandwidth of a source is seldom done. If a dark cloud covers the sun, most charge controllers simply shut down.Battery for ASUS X52JC
To charge a laptop or cell phone, you need an inverter that transforms the DC voltage from the solar panel to the correct supply voltage. Do not connect the raw voltage from a solar panel or wind turbine directly to the device. Over-voltage on a high-output day could overload the system. If the device has no DC input for charging, boost the DC source with an inverter to 115AC or 230VAC, and then use a regular charger. Observe the input voltage of the inverter. You may need additional DC regulation if the voltage swing from the source is too large.Battery for ASUS X52JB
A solar-powered cottage would be the ultimate, however, a photovoltaic system costs about $20,000. To produce one kW of power, you would need 10 to 12 large panels, which would occupy about 33 square meters (355 square feet). According to Solarbuzz, the cost to generate one kWh on a photovoltaic system is about $0.35. This compares to about $0.10 for grid electricity. Charging with solar panels in the winter is a challenge. The panels provide low power and batteries charge poorly at freezing temperatures. Li-ion should not be charged below 0ºC (32ºF). Battery for ASUS X52J
About the cost of (electrical-) energy: It doen not matter what the cost is, it does matter what the cost (financial and non-financial) of an alternative is. e.g. calculate the cost of the energy in the Battery for ASUS X52F of your wrist watch! and still nobody would consider to use a mains charger with extension cable. (but PV solar is a good alternative)
Depending on the cost of the energy, it makes sense to spent some more money on system efficiency. Inverting the low voltage dc from a solar module to 120/230V 50/60 Hz and bringing it down to the 15V dc required for your laptop is waising money. Unfortunately there are no manufacturers yet to solve this in a more energy efficient way. (but I am working on it)
Charging Battery for ASUS X52 with pv solar requires a totally different approach compared to mains charging. Main reason is that the primary energy, the sun, is not continuously available and when, sometimes not in the required amount (cloudy days) A charging technique that collects all the energy when available, even with some damaging effect to the Battery for ASUS X52DR has preference over an empty battery with damage by e.g. sulphation for lead acid.
With the lowering cost and increasing efficiency of PV modules, the number of applications where solar energy is the cheapest solution is growing. The concepts these systems are based on today will not longer be the optimum. Redesign will be necessary.If you don’t want your children to suffer from asthma, cardiovascular illnesses and or perpetuate unknown illnesses related to polluted air, then the sacrifices made whether in money or effort toward cleaner environment is a must. Whatever it costs to reduce the carbon emissions is worth it. Find a way. Iceland has three times as much energy than they can use, due to geothermal and hydro available resources. Battery for ASUS X42JR
They can use their surplus energy to make hydrogen fuel, which can power many green production facilities and operations. We need to start using coal and nuclear more responsibly. That mean perfecting nuclear before we proliferate. Solar is a great idea. Send your kids to school and get them interested in finding solutions for our insatiable appetite for energy. Wind and Solar cost as much as the coke and smoke your kids will be spending their hard earned pay on, if they don’t stay busy.Battery for ASUS X42JK
Education, sports, arts and music will inspire creativity and maybe even spawn a Newton or Einstein solution to our energy needs. Creativity and conservation is a great idea. I like solar, I like wind and I love waves. Surf’s up!Battery for ASUS X42F design has been simplified through chips that embed charge intelligence. When first introduced in the 1980s, these chips were hot commodities and were made popular with the arrival of NiMH and Li-ion that need special charging algorithms. Charger chips have since matured and serve in more basic charging devices.
Although charger chips are easy to use, they have limitations. Most offer a fixed charge algorithm that does not permit fine-tuning for specialty uses. Features such as “boost,” which reactivates the protection circuit when a Li‑ion Battery for ASUS X42J falls asleep, do not exist, nor can a charger chip accommodate different chemistries selectable by a code, or do ultra-fast charging with safeguards that include scaling the charge current to battery condition and temperature. Temperature control is mostly through an on/off switch.Battery for ASUS X42DE
Microcontrollers offer an alternative to charger chips. Although the design cost is higher because of prograBattery for ASUS X42Emming, manufacturing costs are compatible to charger chips. We must keep in mind that the charge chip or microcontroller form only a small part of the charger circuit, and the bulk of the cost lies in the peripheral components, which include solid-state switches and the power supply. The cost of these parts is in direct relationship to current handling.Batteries have unique needs and Table 1 explains how to satisfy these desires based of common batteries. Because of similarities within the Battery for ASUS X42 family, we only list lead, nickel and lithium systems. Although each chemistry has its own requirements, there are common denominators that affect the life of all batteries. These are:
Keep a moderate temperature. As food stays fresher when refrigerated, so also does cool temperature retard battery corrosion, a life-robbing adversary of any battery such as Battery for ASUS X42D .
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