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Lenovo ThinkPad L520 Battery

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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2012 3:42 am    Post subject: Lenovo ThinkPad L520 Battery Reply with quote

Although the glossy screen finish may pick up a lot of light reflections, Lenovo ThinkPad L412 Battery , image quality on the 1,366x768 15.6in display was otherwise very impressive. Colours were largely accurate and contrast was excellent on the maximum brightness setting. Viewing angles are reasonable, and the screen has plenty of tilt adjustment to help you find an angle that suits you. Lenovo ThinkPad L420 Battery , The display might be great for watching internet video or catch-up TV, but the basic speakers canít produce sound quality to match. They struggle to produce even audio, with no discernable bass note and tinny high-end. We rarely expect to be blown away by laptop speakers, but these are still slightly disappointing; weíd recommend a pair of headphones when using the G570 for multimedia playback. Lenovo ThinkPad L421 Battery , Other aspects of the laptop are much more encouraging. The QWERTY keyboard's full-size Chiclet keys are spaced far enough apart to help prevent typing errors. A numerical keypad is a welcome inclusion, and even though the keys have been shrunk slightly in order to fit they're still large enough to be easy to use. Thereís a large amount of flex in the keyboard tray, but only if you press with significant force; we didnít notice it when typing.Lenovo ThinkPad L510 Battery

We were also impressed with the touchpad, Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 2874 Battery , which is a great size and has a textured finish that makes mouse movement very smooth. Two separate touchpad buttons have very short travel times, but enough tactile feedback that youíre always sure when youíve pressed one.At around £400, the G570 may cost around £100 more than the average netbook but the performance gap is enormous. Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 2842 Battery , It has everything you need from a laptop, including a DVD writer and full-size keyboard, plus battery life is reasonable. There are few cheaper alternatives that give you more for your money.Lenovo's designs have always been more practical and austere than their rivals', but the IdeaPad U260 takes a different approach. Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 Battery , Technology takes a back seat to design, but that's not to say that the U260 lags far behind: its ultra-low voltage Intel Core i3-380UM may only run at 1.33GHz, but it's twice as fast as AMD Vision-equipped laptops and far more powerful than Intel's Atom processors found in netbooks.Instead of curvy lines and glossy plastic, the U260 opts for a simple yet elegant design, Lenovo ThinkPad L520 Battery , using novel materials to create a luxury feel. It resembles a large, thin book, with the outer case finished in a rubberised matt brown, forming a uniform cover, with few of the grilles and panels you'd find on other laptops. While this looks elegant, it means you can't access the battery, hard disk or memory without removing the entire lower panel.Lenovo ThinkPad L512 Battery
Opening the screen reveals a leatherette keyboard panel and a glass touchpad. HP HSTNN-DB0Q , This has a matt finish and is smooth and responsive, and its two large buttons are placed conveniently on the edge of the case, where your thumb naturally rests, and have a light action. The keyboard panel is firm, and the keys have a comfortable shape, and a light, crisp action. HP WD547AA , Our only complaint is that the keys are a bit small, but we found it comfortable enough to type on.The U260 has a unique 12.5in screen, but its 1,366x768 resolution is standard enough. It's an interesting size, and we appreciated the extra space compared to 11.6in screens. Its LED backlight is even, but a tight vertical viewing angle meant that our plain white test screen appeared banded. HP HSTNN-XB0Q , The anti-glare screen dulls colours slightly and adds a slight sheen, and there's a strong blue cast that makes flesh tones a little lifeless.While the U260's svelte design, along with its 1.4kg weight, make it ideal for carrying around with you, its battery life of under six hours in our light usage is a little disappointing. It's a testament to the advances in laptop mobility that we now consider this a low score, but it's still more than adequate for most journeys.HP HSTNN-LB2R
HP's dv6-6051ea is a beautifully designed laptop with a generous specification. HP PR06 , It's powered by a fast Intel Core i5-2410M processor, which is backed up by 6GB of RAM and a 640GB hard disk.Despite its 15.6in screen, the dv6 weighs almost 3kg. This makes it a little too heavy for regular travelling, so the battery life of just over three hours isn't such a disadvantage. HP QK646AA , With its brushed-metal finish it shouldn't be hidden away, however. Opening the lid reveals a curvy case that tapers towards the edges, and there's a metal strip around the edge that not only looks good but protects the ports getting scuffed.Above the keyboard is a smart metal grille that protects the speakers and also acts as part of the hinge mechanism for the lid. HP 633734-151 , The speakers are clear and loud, but lack real bass; the Beats Audio branding may be impressive, but in reality it's a glorified equalizer that tries to boost bass sounds to add depth. Although the speakers sound a bit meatier with Beats Audio turned on, audio ends up muddled and compressed-sounding.HP 633807-001
AMD's Radeon HD 6490M graphics chip is also disappointing.HP 609881-321 , It managed 26fps in our Dirt 3 benchmark, which is only borderline playable. In fact, we were unable to run Dirt 3 in full-screen mode, despite loading the newest drivers.In our multimedia benchmarks, the dv6 fared much better, posting an overall score of 54 and hitting 75 in the single-threaded image-editing test,HP QK647AA , so it should be able to handle most applications. The extra 2GB of RAM didn't make it noticeably faster than laptops equipped with 4GB, but you should appreciate the lack of slowdown when working with large video files. HP PR08 , The 640GB hard disk has room to store plenty of those.If you're spending £700 on a 15.6in laptop, you'd expect a top-quality screen. Again, the dv6 disappoints. The 1,366x768 resolution is the same you'll find on cheaper 15.6in laptops and despite a bright, even LED backlight, it has a strong blue cast which has to be corrected using the graphics card drivers.

The screen's glossy finish boosts colour and contrast, HP HSTNN-IB2S , but reflects overhead lighting too, so you have to adjust the screen's tilt carefully.Thankfully HP has improved one area: the touchpad. Previous Pavilions had an awful all-in-one touchpad which moved the cursor when you intended to click, and vice versa. The dv6's touchpad is large and responsive, and has two separate buttons set close to the edge of the case. They have a light action, and the whole touchpad is surrounded by an illuminated strip.HP HSTNN-IB25 It's a shame the keyboard isn't backlit to match, but its Chiclet-style keys have a light action and a standard layout. HP HSTNN-I98C-7 , The entire keyboard panel is firm, and there's a four-column numberpad to the right.Despite its gorgeous design and much-improved touchpad, we can't recommend the dv6-6051ea. At this price, we'd expect more - either a higher-resolution screen or a faster graphics chip - HP HSTNN-I98C , but all it offers is a decent processor and good looks.
Itís not often that we get excited about a laptop aimed primarily at business users, Lenovo ThinkPad W510 Battery , but Lenovoís ThinkPad X1 is an exception; the 13.3in ultra-portable might be less than 2cm thick, but it still squeezes in some clever features and plenty of high performance hardware.Instead of using an Intel low-voltage Core processor, Lenovo Thinkpad L410 Battery , Lenovo has opted for a much more powerful Core i5 based on the newer Sandy Bridge technology. The dual-core i5-2520M can Turbo Boost from 2.5GHz up to a healthy 3.2GHz when more power is needed; this, combined with hyper-threading and 8GB of RAM, helped it achieve a very respectable 58 overall in our multimedia benchmarks, Lenovo Thinkpad L412 Battery , which should be plenty of power for almost every desktop task. However, it has an unavoidable effect on battery life. The laptop lasts just under four and a half hours in our light-use test, so youíll need to take the mains adaptor with you for all-day computing.This is a shame, as at 1.7kg, the ThinkPad X1 wonít weigh you down when on the move. Lenovo Thinkpad L510 Battery , Although not a substitute for a larger battery, Lenovoís RapidCharge feature can restore up to 80% battery life in just half an hour; this is great for frequent travellers that may not have much time between to recharge their laptop. Other refinements designed to protect the laptop from mishaps while in transit include a spill-proof keyboard and a screen made from scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass - although as any iPhone 4 owner knows, this is just as shatter-prone as normal glass.Lenovo Thinkpad L512 Battery

Having a scratch-resistant screen is a bonus,Lenovo ThinkPad T520i Battery , but it comes at a price; instead of the matt coating preferred by many business customers for its reflection-defeating properties, the X1ís 1,366x768 display has a glossy finish. This makes it difficult to work in direct sunlight and under harsh office lighting, but thankfully thereís over 180 degrees of screen tilt and reasonable viewing angles to help prevent screen glare.Lenovo ThinkPad T520 Battery , Images looked sharp and fast moving video played without noticeable blurring.The X1 relies on the processorís integrated graphics chip for video playback as it lacks a dedicated graphics card. Itís certainly capable of playing 1080p video on an external display using either mini DisplayPort or HDMI, Lenovo ThinkPad T510i Battery , but it struggles with modern games; it could only run our new Dirt 3 benchmark at a juddering 13.7fps. You donít buy an ultra-light laptop to play 3D games, though.Unusually for an ultra-portable, the ThinkPad X1 has quite a wide array of connectivity options. As well as a single USB3 port, one of the two regular USB ports doubles as an eSATA port. Lenovo ThinkPad T510 Battery , Thereís also a multi-format card reader and SIM card slot for mobile internet. A fingerprint reader and an HD webcam that can lock the computer when it detects youíre not sat in front of it are both useful security features that business users are sure to appreciate. The laptop has a 160GB SSD, which will be more resistant to shock damage than a normal hard disk but has a much smaller capacity.Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Battery
In everyday use the ThinkPad X1 was something of a mixed bag. Lenovo ThinkPad W520 Battery , Typing on the backlit keyboard was, for the most part, trouble free; each full-sized key has a reasonably short travel time and plenty of tactile feedback, but we found it difficult to adapt to the reversed placement of the control and function keys. The touchpad isnít flawless either. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420 Battery , As well as dedicated touchpad buttons, the entire pad can act as one large button, registering a left click when pressed down with a single finger, or a double click if done with two. While a good idea in principle, it's too sensitive - it's easy to trigger a right-click accidentally. The second set of mouse buttons just below the space bar, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E520 Battery , designed for use with the red touchstick recessed into the keyboard, are easier to use.Battery life is below average for an ultra-portable and the touchpad can be irritating, but despite these faults the ThinkPad X1 is still a great ultra-portable laptop. It fits easily into a bag and wonít weigh you down once itís there, but still has great performance thanks to the powerful processor.Lenovo ThinkPad L410 Battery
The X1 is hugely expensive,Lenovo ThinkPad T410i Battery , though - at over £1,700 it's £1,000 more than the Asus U36JC, which may have a last-generation Core i5 processor but still manages 56 in our benchmarks, has nearly six hours of battery life and weighs just 1.6kg. Unless you need the X1's tough build quality and extra security features, it's a better buy. Lenovo might be better known for its business laptops, Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Battery , but it also produces a solid line-up targeted at home users. The new G570 is a relatively unassuming budget laptop that might not stand out from the crowd at first glance, but underneath the glossy black chassis itís a different story; the brushed aluminium wrist rest and minimalist styling give the impression of a much more expensive machine. Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 2875 Battery , Intelís second generation Core i3 processors provide significantly more power than last yearís chips, so even though the dual-core i3-2310m inside the G570 only runs at 2.1GHz, itís still capable of solid performance in Windows. An overall score of 43 in our multimedia benchmarks is very respectable for a budget laptop. The 4GB of RAM certainly helps with multitasking, Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 2847 Battery , as everything felt responsive even when we had multiple programs running at once. Battery life was also good, with five and a half hours in our light use test.Unsurprisingly for a budget laptop, graphics are handled by the integrated chip on Intelís processor. Itís certainly capable of high definition video playback, Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 Battery , either on the laptop in 720p or on an external display using the HDMI output, but playing modern games is still a struggle. A low 13.5fps in our Dirt 3 test shows youíll have to sacrifice a lot of detail settings to get a playable frame rate in most titles.Lenovo ThinkPad SL410k 2842 Battery
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